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Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Day, Monday 26 September Our phone lines and offices are closed, but you can still get in touch with us. Find out more

Delays to response times: It's taking longer than usual to answer calls and myIR messages, including for unclaimed money. You may be able to use self-service options in myIR. You can also find information on our website by typing in what you want to do in the search bar. Thank you for your understanding. Log in to myIR

Changes to the myIR login screen are coming You will not be able to use myIR between 1pm Saturday 8 October and 8am Monday 10 October. This is so we can update our external authentication system. From Monday 10 October the myIR login page will have a new look and feel, but the login process will not change.

Being made redundant can affect how you're assessed for child support and your ability to pay it, especially if you receive a redundancy payment.

Current tax year assessment

Your child support assessment for the current tax year will not automatically be affected by any redundancy payment received this year, but a departure through an administrative review or a court departure order may take a redundancy payment into account at any time.

In the normal course the redundancy income will be included in your tax assessment for the following tax year.

Next year's assessment

You may be able to estimate your income for next year so please call us on 0800 221 221 to discuss this after you've received your assessment.

If your income is going to drop

If both of these apply:

  • you expect your income for the whole tax year to be at least 15% lower than the income you've been assessed on
  • the income component of your assessment is not set by court order or child support administration review

Then you may be able to estimate your income to reduce your child support assessment.

If you have already estimated your income for the tax year, you may be able to re-estimate your income based on what you expect to earn.

Contact us to find out more about estimating your income.

Contact us about child support

Exemption from paying

If you have an exemption from paying child support, then you need to contact us to discuss if this still applies.

Making repayments on an overdue amount

If you're making repayments on an overdue amount, then you may be able to renegotiate the amount payable. Contact us to discuss your situation.

Administrative or Commissioner review

If you're paying child support based on an administrative or Commissioner review, then you may be able to apply for another review.

Grounds for child support reviews

Apply for an administrative review

Court orders

If you're paying based on a court order then you need to discuss your situation with the courts.

Other redundancy information

Redundancy and income tax

Redundancy and Working for Families

Redundancy and KiwiSaver

Redundancy and student loans

Last updated: 09 Jul 2021
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